Do you want to borrow 400 euros? Check out the possibilities to borrow 400 euros on small This mini loan is ideal if you do not need a high and long-term loan. If you need 400 euros for a short period, you can opt for a mini loan. This is a small loan of several hundred euros that you can borrow for a few weeks. This page describes how this works.

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Borrow 400 euros from Zaloan

If you want to borrow 400 euros from Zaloan and you have a fixed term of 30 days. This means that you must repay the loan of 400 euros and the costs within 30 days. You also need a personal guarantor. You can also opt for an external party. Please note that, depending on the amount of your loan, there are high costs involved.

Borrow 400 euros from Eicredit

At Eicredit it is also possible to borrow 400 euros. Hereby you also have a set lead time of 30 days. This means that you must repay the loan of 400 euros and the costs within 30 days. Also at Eicredit, you need someone who wants to act as a guarantor for you or you can choose a party that does this at extra costs.

Can I request a mini loan?

Can I request a mini loan?

Not everyone can request a mini loan and borrow 400 euros. There are a few conditions for this. You can view these conditions below.

You must live in the Netherlands and have Dutch nationality. You must also be between 21 and 70 years old to apply for a mini-loan. In addition, you are not eligible if you receive benefits. Self-employed persons and temporary employees can also not apply for mini-loan. In addition, there may be a guarantee in the form of proof of income or a person who must guarantee you. If you have a negative registered with the BKR you can request a loan. You will not be tested for a mini loan.